Live With Care Project

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The Live With Care Project helps Westchester residents prepare for and live with serious illness.

Live With Care Website ( provides information and resources about being prepared for and living with serious illness.

  • The Guide
    • Being Prepared
      What every person age 18 and over needs to know and do before the unexpected happens.
    • Being Diagnosed
      If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, what occurs in the doctor’s office or in the hospital.
    • Living with Serious Illness
      How you can live as well as possible at home or an alternate setting.  How to get support and manage pain and other symptoms while pursuing treatment of an illness.
    • At the End of Life
      What to do when someone is dying.  Arrangements afterward.  How to care for yourself after the death of someone you love.
  • Providers & Resources
    Contact information for providers and resources (Westchester County and national)
  • Westchester Stories
    Short narratives about the experiences of other families which may help you find direction in your own situation.

Live With Care Talks are tailor-made presentations about being prepared for and living with serious illness.

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