Be Prepared Kit™

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BPK Request Form for the Be Prepared Kit™

Can you and the people close to you easily locate your important personal papers and information in case of a temporary emergency or a serious illness?

  • Have you or a loved one ever been in the hospital in critical condition and you have needed to locate important medical records?

  • Are you concerned that your family can find your financial information in case you are incapacitated, and that they know how to reach your attorney?

  • Have you talked with your family about your thoughts on artificial nutrition and hydration, and your wishes for final arrangements at the end of your life?

  • Have you ever been away from home and needed your child or trusted neighbor to locate some important document or piece of information at your house (passport number, phone number for snow-removal, insurance paper)?

  • Have you thought about such situations and wished that you could make it easier on yourself and your family by preparing in advance?


The Be Prepared Kit™ has been developed to help with situations such as the above.   The Be Prepared Kit™ makes it easy to keep all critical information in one place.

Gathered in a convenient cardboard case are six folders for you to fill out:

Who to Contact
Where to Find Important Documents
Health Care Proxy
Financials, Property, Insurance, Etc.
Final Arrangements
Other Requests

You fill out as much or as little as you wish. Instructions and a list of helpful resource are included in the kit.

The Be Prepared Kit™ is a trademarked product, initiated and developed by the Westchester End-of-Life Coalition (WELC). It has been partially funded by the Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe. It is distributed through organizations and businesses in Westchester and directly by the Coalition.

BPK Request Form for the Be Prepared Kit™ with donation by check or credit card.   You can also make a donation online and contact us at to let us know that you have made a donation and give the address where we should send your Be Prepared Kit™.

Or you can contact:

The Coalition is  happy to arrange presentations for senior centers, civic groups, book clubs, professional organizations, church groups or other gatherings.

Business and organization interested in buying the Be Prepared Kit™ in bulk are welcome to affix their own logo to the Be Prepared Kit™ in a place that does not obscure the Westchester End-of-Life Coalition information.

The Be Prepared Kit™ is a service of the Westchester End-of-Life Coalition (WELC) and is provided at cost to individuals, organizations and businesses in Westchester. The amounts cited on the Request Form are the minimum donations to the Coalition to cover the cost of producing and distributing the kits.  The Westchester End-of-Life Coalition is most grateful for donations in excess of the minimum.

The Be Prepared Kit™ has been through a number of focus groups for feed back, but we are always interested in knowing if there is something that you would like to see done differently to make it even more helpful to you, your family, organization or business.