Working Together to Improve the End-of-Life Experience in Our Community

Our Mission

The Westchester End-of-Life Coalition is made up of people who live and work in Westchester County, NY. The Coalition seeks to expand awareness of the importance of end-of-life issues and informs professionals and the public about available services. As a community-based coalition we draw on local resources to support those at the end of life, their families and their caregivers.

We envision and work toward a community where all those with life-limiting conditions are able to die with dignity, at peace, pain-free, in a place and manner of their choosing—a community where the dying and their families receive excellent and compassionate timely care and support. ...MORE ABOUT US...

Notable Items

National Healthcare Decisions Day – April 16, 2014

THANK YOU to all who participated in making this year’s National Healthcare Decisions Day a great success!

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is a national day set aside to encourage individuals age 18 or older to have family discussions about personal values and beliefs, to choose a spokesperson, and to complete a Health Care Proxy.  Volunteers from WELC were available in many Westchester Public Libraries to provide information and assistance for NHDD on April 16.

    Learn more about the New York State Health Care Proxy and download a form.

    News and Narratives of Interest-Fall 2013

    News and Narratives of Interest – Fall 2013

    Every once in a while you come across an article that makes you think:  Ok, I can stop right here.  “End of Life Tech Companies Grow with Changes in Death Traditions” in a June 2013 issue of The Huffington Post is just that article.  It will give you a great review of new web-based end of life information and planning resources.  Yes, you still need LiveWithCare.org to help you access resources and information specific to Westchester County, but in combination with these other sites, you will be all set.

    LiveWithCare.org is a new website, a project of the Westchester End-of-Life Coalition.  It is a unique tool for Westchester residents.  It shows how to prepare in advance for serious health care issues and guides you through steps that can be taken in case you are diagnosed and living with a serious illness; it also helps you cope with issues around the death of family member. …READ MORE…

    News & Narratives of Interest – Feb 2013

    News and Narratives of Interest-Feb 2013

    An article in the fall 2012 issue of the Health Advocacy Bulletin, The Journal of the Health Advocacy Program at Sarah Lawrence College, by Vicki Breitbart, Director of the Program and one of WELC’s Advisory Board Members, addresses a situation experienced by many of us as caregivers for elderly parents.

    Vicki’s mother, age 93 and living independently, began to steadily decline, losing sight, hearing, and mobility.  When she was admitted to the hospital for surgery, the downward spiral was accelerated by a cascade of interventions, poor communication, uncoordinated care, and challenges to her agency.  “With all my knowledge about the health care system, we still were caught in the irrational, uncoordinated and often chaotic care for the elderly ill and dying,” writes Vicki. …READ MORE…